Sony says the sales will do the talking in the war of next-gen consoles. The company claims the PlayStation 5 sales will prove whether its marketing approach to the console worked or not in comparison to Microsoft. Sony has managed to remain under the radar when it comes to the upcoming PS5 console. Other than the specs, the logo and the controller, we have not seen much yet. However, the company is confident they will have a successful launch.

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During an investor call, Sony CFO Hikoti Totoki answered questions in regards to the lack of PS5 promotion versus the Xbox Series X. Tokoti replied saying the company is doing is best.

As for pass or fail, I would wait for PS5 sales to make that judgement.”

We cannot help but be concerned about the lack of PS5 news. We know when Sony finally showcases the console, it will be a great reveal, however, their silence may come back to bite them. The PS4 has managed to ship 110 million units in comparison to Microsoft’s 50 million Xbox One sales. However, they need to be relevant in this next-gen race or they may fall behind.

The PlayStation 5 is still set to launch in holiday season alongside the Xbox Series X. We’re still waiting for Sony to show us what the PS5 actually looks like and to confirm its plans for the console. Reports claim the company plans on doing the full reveal near the end of May or early June with pre-order opening soon after. While neither Microsoft or Sony has yet to reveal the pricing on their consoles, it will all come down to lineup, price and release date at the end of the day. In, conclusion, Sony’s silence is thanks to the company’s confidence in its fan base.

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