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Sony Wants to be “The Nike of Gaming Gear”

According to a Sony executive, the company is aiming to be “the Nike of gaming gear” particularly referring to the latest Inzone range of gaming peripherals. Sony wants to target esports players and for the Inzone range of gaming gear to be to esports players what Nike is to professional athletes.

The recently launched Inzone range of gaming gear includes three sets of headsets and two monitors and is primarily aimed at PC players but it can be used for Sony’s home consoles as well. Though, it seems that Sony has already partnered with Riot Games for the Valorant Champions Tour, as well as the Evo fighting game tournament as the official hardware sponsor.

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In an interview with Nikkei, executive deputy president Kazuo Kii stated that Sony’s history as a television manufacturer has given the PlayStation creator an advantage in the PC market.

“There is no dominant leader yet among established producers. The situation is like a landscape of warring states. This presents an opportunity for Sony.

Many existing producers trace their origins to PC manufacturing. Because monitors are designed to display data, there are problems to overcome with vibrancy and contrast.

Sony is unique in that we come from a background in TV manufacturing. We take pride in our picture technology. We look forward to showing customers our immersive experience and realism.”

Kii also took the opportunity to remind everyone that the new Inzone range of peripherals actually targets “hardcore PC gamers” and not home console fans, even though they are 100% compatible. He went on to state that they are developing these components with the mindset of “Mizuno and Nike providing shoes for athletes”.

“We’re going to start at the top and learn what top esports gamers want. The vision we have in mind is that of Mizuno and Nike providing shoes for athletes. You can win prize money in esports. If a monitor’s response time lags even slightly, you lose. Sony products aren’t going to let people engaged in these grueling battles down.”

Sony announced the Inzone range of gaming gear last month with the announcement of three headsets and two monitors. The headsets – the H9, H7 and H3 – have been confirmed for the South African market and will set you back $299, $229 and $99 respectively as local pricing has not been detailed as yet. The monitors – the M9 and M3 – have not been confirmed for South Africa just yet but will cost $899 and $529 respectively.

Source: Nikkei Asia

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