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Sony Working on New PS5 Slim Console With Detachable Disc Drive – Report

The PS5 might get a fourth variation in 2023 but unlike the previous models that simply made things a bit lighter and added a thumbscrew to the stand, this new model will be quite different from the rest. According to a report, Sony is working to remove the disc PS5 console from the market completely with its new hardware change by releasing a PS5 Slim.

The new PS5 console will act as an overhaul to the current model by completely removing the disc drive from all the units. This means Sony will no longer sell a disc PS5 console. Instead, reports claim that the new PS5 will ship with an extra USB-C port at the back of the unit where users can plug in a special PS5 external disc drive and install games onto the console using that method.

Of course, this means you’ll have to keep the drive plugged in when launching these installed games but it might also force gamers to go digital instead of picking up disc games in the future. Users will also have to purchase this disc drive separately and it can be replaced if it ever breaks without having to send in your PS5 console.

Sources claim that the internal hardware on the new PS5 console will be identical to the current models. It won’t see a performance boost whatsoever but the big change will be the thickness of the console. The report claims that Sony will make the new PS5 console much slimmer and lighter than even the current digital model.

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So in theory, this new PS5 console isn’t the “Pro” model. Instead, Sony is working on a PS5 Slim console that will completely cut out the disc drive while also reducing the overall size and weight of the unit. The company is reportedly set to announce the console by the end of 2023 with a release planned for early 2024.

At the moment this is all just a report based on sources close to Sony. We would take it with a pinch of salt for now. Sony does have a history of releasing slimmer versions of its consoles but you still can’t believe anything until more information comes to light.

Source: Insider Gamer

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