Bluepoint Games Original Title Demon's Souls Remake

Sony’s Bluepoint Games is Still Working on an Original Title

Bluepoint Games, the PlayStation studio behind the Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls remakes, are still working on an original title. The studio was acquired by Sony back in 2021 following the release of Demon’s Souls and since then, it has been quiet about what it’s working on next. However, Bluepoint has now reiterated that it’s still working on original content going forward as the “next step in the evolution” of the developer.

Since Bluepoint Games is known for making remakes, many fans suspected that the studio might be working on another high-profile remake or remaster. It turns out that the developer is actually moving ahead with an original title that has yet to be officially revealed. “Our next project, we’re working on original content right now,” said Bluepoint president Marco Thrush to IGN. “We can’t talk about what that is, but that’s the next step in the evolution for us.”

This might be a bit disheartening to players hoping that Bluepoint was working on any number of anticipated remakes such as Metal Gear Solid or Bloodborne, though it’s also fantastic that the studio is being allowed to spread its creative wings and experiment with new, original ideas for once. If the new project has been in development for the last few years, we can probably expect a reveal to happen sometime next year, though that’s just speculation on our part.

In other news, PlayStation first-party studio Firesprite recently confirmed a round of layoffs at the company following Sony’s mass termination of 900 employees across its gaming divisions back in February, impacting major studios like Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games in the process. Bluepoint seems to have slipped out of the layoffs relatively unscatched, though given the extremely volatile nature of the industry today, nothing can be set in stone.

Source: IGN

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