DualSense Edge Controller

Sony’s First Pro Controller, The DualSense Edge Shows Promise

The DualSense Edge Controller is Sony’s first-ever take on a dedicated pro controller for their gaming console, the PS5. While Sony has been in the business of making gaming hardware for over twenty-five years now, the company hasn’t actually developed its own professional gaming controller until now. Up to this point, Sony has only licensed third-party devices such as the Scuff Pro Controller and Nacon Controller. So this DualSense Edge is quite a big deal.

Early hands-on impressions of the DualSense Edge controller went live at certain US media outlets last night and the general consensus so far shows a positive introduction into the market. Many media praise the controller’s design saying that it feels almost identical to the current DualSense Controller but with added bits and bobs.

Its familiarity helps the controller be a lot more approachable to users thanks to its identical button design and feel. The DualSense Edge is the same size and shape as the standard DualSense. However, the difference now is that you get two kinds of rear paddles, adjustable hair triggers and swappable stick mechanisms. Even the analogue stick is the same plastic version found on the standard DualSense.

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Of course, these few added features also come with a whole suite of new customization options. You can remap almost every single button on the DualSense Edge. You can also use the new function buttons to switch between saved profiles you can set up for certain game genres. Of course, the big sell here is the fact that you can now also tweak the joystick sensitivity and dead zone which is great for hardcore gamers but also even better to fix analogue drift.

Sony has made these joystick compartments completely removable so if you do end up with drift, you can easily pull out the current joystick and place in a new one. The swappable feature also means that Sony might release better versions of the joystick design. Perhaps with an enhanced nub or steel shaft. However, Sony hasn’t shared any details on any additional accessories for the DualSense Edge yet. It just makes sense for the brand to make these sorts of additions. We only know that you do get different joystick nubs with your purchase.

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

There are a few new tweaks here and there on the DualSense Edge that Sony hasn’t been open about yet. For example, the company has added the iconic PlayStation texture to the trigger buttons for some extra grip. The DualSense Edge also comes with a 2.8-meter cable that can clip into the controller’s charging port to prevent it from slipping out. This will help with charging and reduce latency.

While the customization and design seem to be praised by most of the media, there are some negative thoughts surrounding the DualSense Edge. Firstly, Sony has confirmed that the controller has a “moderately shorter” battery life in comparison to the standard DualSense controller. The company didn’t state exactly how much shorter the battery life is but you’ll likely want to prepare for that.

The good news here is that the DualSense Edge has the same copper connectors at the bottom meaning it will charge using the same PS5 DualSense Charging Dock and won’t need anything special. The zip case also has a hole built into it so you can put the controller back in the hard shell case and feed the wire through the zip to keep it in charge when you’re not using it.

DualSense Edge Controller

The second negative remarks seem to be related to the DualSense Edge’s potentiometer-based joysticks. Sony has faced some backlash related to this tech due to the drift these joysticks suffer from after heavy use. While you can easily swap these out now thanks to the removable modules, it would have been nice if Sony implemented better modules in the controller in the first place. Perhaps Hall Effect modules or magnetic modules?

Outside of these small issues, the DualSense Edge seems to be a landmark product for Sony. The controller is set to launch on 26 January 2023. It will retail for R4,359 in South Africa. You can pre-order the controller today from Nexus here. I am hoping Sony send through a unit for me to test out before launch so I can cover it in video form for you guys. Considering the steep price tag, this isn’t going to be an easy purchase for everyone.

Sony has put together a cool video showcasing the design story behind the DualSense Edge controller. Watch it below:


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