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Sony’s New PlayStation 5 Advert is Weird and Wonderful

With the PlayStation brand being a worldwide company, different marketing teams across the globe get tasked to create different campaigns for certain things. Some campaigns are cool such as the God of War Ragnarok billboard in Germany or the gigantic PS5 consoles spotted in Italy. However, some marketing campaigns get a little ridiculous – it is all about creating content for the audience you’re targeting. In the latest case for PlayStation Malaysia, Sony created a rather hilarious, if not ridiculous advert for the PlayStation 5.

The ad follows two lovebirds who one day meet on the job at a coffee place they work at. It seems like love at first sight but for some reason, the male seems possessed by some demon. At night he leaves his bed to walk around the house frantically and displays a sort of zombie-like behaviour.

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The advert then goes on to show his girlfriend, who is obviously concerned by this behaviour, finding ways to fix it. She finds a “Mystic” who gives her a strange card and a package. The package is, of course, a PS5.

I won’t spoil the rest of the ad because it plays out quite cleverly. It shows why the guy is acting like a lunatic and how the whole situation ends. Of course, this 3-minute advert is quite lengthy for a PlayStation video but it makes sense given the strange message Sony is trying to send with it.

The entire thing is a little farfetched too but I guess that’s the marketing approach PlayStation Malaysia has for the territory. If anything, it lines up quite well with Sony’s previous sing-a-long advert the company produced for God of War Ragnarok in Japan.

Give the PlayStation 5 ad a watch down below.

Source: PlayStation 5 – Trailer | PS5

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