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Sora is an Impressive Text-to-Video Generator From OpenAI

If you have spotted OpenAI videos all over social media this morning that’s because Sora made its debut last night and broke the internet. The new text-to-video AI generator can render videos up to 1 minute long using only two paragraphs of text.

Sora is similar to Google’s Lumiere. It has entered the generative AI arms race to take on other algorithms in the works at Microsft and Google. However, at the moment Sora needs to undergo certain tests and quality control before the mass public can have hands-on.

OpenAI says Sora will be available to “red teamers” and experts in areas like misinformation, hateful content and bias. These users will be testing the model. Sora is also being given to visual artists, designers and filmmakers to help provide feedback from a creative profession degree.

All these tests are important to address the potential for convincing deepfakes which are a major concern in the AI industry.

OpenAI released multiple videos and examples of Sora to show the public what is possible and the AI capabilities which are on the horizon.

From what I have seen, Sora is able to produce a video based on whatever text you throw at it. Some examples include rendering a depiction of New York underwater, fluffy monsters, zen gardens and more.

OpenAI says Sora is able to generate complex scenes with multiple characters and movements all at the same time. The subject is highly detailed and the surrounding content is accurate and life-like.

“Sora is able to generate complex scenes with multiple characters, specific types of motion and accurate details of the subject and background. The model understands not only what the user has asked for in the prompt, but also how those things exist in the physical world.”

Of course, Sora does have its own weaknesses too. The AI is unable to generate real physics in the scene due to it not being able to understand the cause and effect. For example, a user might take a bite out of a cookie but afterwards, the cookie may not have a bite mark in it.

OpenAI also says there are some major concerns around safety and abuse in Sora. While the company is excited for users to experience the good it has, there’s no doubt opportunity for the bad too.

“Despite extensive research and testing, we cannot predict all of the beneficial ways people will use our technology, nor all the ways people will abuse it. That’s why we believe that learning from real-world use is a critical component of creating and releasing increasingly safe AI systems over time”

Below, you’ll see a video showcasing Sora. The video displays the text input and shows what the generative AI rendered as a result.

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