Destiny 2 Nerf Gjallarhorn

Sorry, Bungie Won’t Ship Your Destiny 2 Nerf Gjallarhorn to South Africa

Last night Bungie opened pre-orders for the awesome-looking Nerf Gjallarhorn. The product is now available on the official Bungie Store and only those who were able to obtain the rocket launcher in the game by 7 July are allowed to order this massive plastic replica. As a Destiny fan, this would be the ultimate prize for my collection. It is a life-sized replica of the game’s most popular weapon and is 1 meter long and packs 3 Nerf Mega darts that you can load into it and shoot. Sadly, while Destiny 2 is playable in South Africa and has been for years, Bungie won’t ship the Nerf Gjallarhorn to the country because they have the worst shipping process you’ll ever encounter in the wild.

Now I have ordered multiple items from the Bungie Store in the past and while the store has been running for over five years now, Bungie still doesn’t know what they are doing. They might be able to put a raid together and overcharge you for new Dungeons but when it comes to logistics, they suck. In the past, two of my items never arrived from the store and the latest Pride Badge which I ordered in June will probably arrive by November.

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Given how popular Destiny 2 is, you would think Bungie would partner with a logistics company to handle its shipping and delivery. Maybe just list stuff on Amazon and get them to send the products. Unfortunately, Bungie mostly relies on the good old mail system meaning if you order something in South Africa, it goes to our not-so-wonderful Post Office (if it even gets there).

This is most likely why Bungie has refused to ship the awesome-looking Nerf Gjallarhorn to SA. They are able to send it to Australia but no, South Africa is off that list. However, maybe this is for the best. While the replica costs $185 to purchase the toy, Bungie is charging a crazy $284 to ship it to Canada alone. Yes, the place just above the United States where it is coming from.

Users who pre-ordered the Nerf Gjallarhorn have been enraged by the ridiculous shipping costs behind the gun. One user will have to fork out $600 (R10,000) for the item.

Thankfully, South Africans won’t have to worry about the high shipping costs because you can’t even buy the gun. This also means you’ll miss out on the exclusive digital items that come with the pre-order including the A Distant Howl emblem and Gjallarfoam exotic ornament. Maybe Bungie should just send us poor South Africans these digital items so we can at least pretend to be excited about the whole Nerf collaboration.

Check out the toy on the official Bungie Store site here.

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