Soulja Boy Gaming Consoles are Being Sold by the Hip-Hop Star
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You may know him from his hit songs like Crank That and Kiss Me Thru the Phone. But now the hip-hop star is moving into selling Soulja Boy gaming consoles.

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The artist has confessed to being a gamer all his life and has embraced the gaming culture as his own. He even used to do gaming vlogs back in the day, where he challenged other players to games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty and showed off his gaming skills.

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”600″]

Now, his upping his love for gaming by selling two different Soulja Boy gaming consoles. There are currently two Soulja Boy gaming consoles available on his website:

  • The SouljaGame Console (currently on sale and marked down from $199.99 to $149.99); and

Soulja Boy Gaming Consoles

  • The SouljaGame Handheld (currently on sale and marked down from $199.99 to $99.99).

Soulja Boy Gaming Consoles

Both of the Soulja Boy gaming consoles are emulators, which means that players are able to play different types of games from various platforms on them. The website claims that the Soulja Boy gaming consoles can run most classic games:

  • The SouljaGame Console: “SOULJAGAME/PS/NEOGEO/PC/SEGA/GBA/NES Video Games“; and
  • The SouljaGame Handheld: “Switch/3DS/Vita/NEOGEO/GBC/Gameboy/GBA Handheld Game Players“.

Combined, the website claims that the Soulja Boy gaming consoles come with 800 (the SoujaGame Console) plus 3000 (the SouljaGame Handheld) preinstalled classic games. This seems pretty controversial, as it’s unclear whether the artist has permission in the form of licensing for the gaming content he is selling on his Soulja Boy gaming consoles. Nintendo has especially become proactive in taking legal action against companies and brands that have used its licensed content without its permission. Besides possible licensing issues that could occur for the artist, is the fact that both the Soulja Boy gaming consoles seem to be existing products which have been rebranded. But Soulja Boy doesn’t seem to be too worried and has stated that he thinks it’s normal to receive criticism for releasing a new product.

Honestly, I just think that when you’re coming out with a new product you’re gonna be criticized. You have to deal with criticism, but I think that once people actually get this product in their hands and get to review it themselves, personally, I think it’ll be a different outcome.

The Soulja Boy gaming consoles join a plethora of other devices and tech toys currently being sold on the Soulja Boy website. These include many other products that look like knockoffs, such as SouljaPods that look like cheap versions of Apple’s AirPods, SouljaHeadphones, SouljaWatch, SouljaPad and even a SouljaPhone by HOMTOM.






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