South Africa To Receive Next PS5 Stock in Mid-March 2021
"Stock is finally on its way!"
PS5 South Africa Stock South Africa PS5
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For those wondering where the next wave of PS5 stock is in South Africa, we have an update. Previously, it was revealed by PlayStation South Africa that the next wave of PS5 stock to hit South Africa would be in early March followed by another wave in April. This is after multiple retailers began listing pre-orders for both drops.

However, that has since changed. In a new mailer sent out by gaming retailer KOODOO, they claim the stock should be available sometime next week 15-19 March.


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Keep in mind that KOODOO has not opened up pre-orders for any of its March or April PS5 stock yet. Instead, the retailer will post the stock once they have received it and the hardware is ready to be shipped from their warehouse to their customers. This means it will be another rat race to grab a console before the stock runs out. Seems to be the usual story when it comes to PS5 consoles these days.

KOODOO shared the following update in its mailer. Be wary of the “no promise” because it is 2021 and things happen.

South Africa PS5 Stock

As for other retailers, many of them have already posted their pre-order listings a few weeks ago. We can’t confirm whether or not they will receive more stock and relist the console but keep your eyes peeled just in case.

As usual, we do our best to share links on Twitter to any retailers who are selling or listing PS5 consoles in South Africa. Make sure you follow us here to see it first. Notifications help but keep in mind that we do share content on the platform every day so you will get those notifications too.

It is important to be fast and stick to reliable retailers when it comes to PS5 purchases in South Africa. You may get scammed or give into supporting scalpers who litter the Facebook Marketplace with overpriced console bundles. We spotted this gem yesterday by a seller who claims to include unreleased games including Horizon: Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7.

South Africa PS5 Stock

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