If you’re interested in upgrading to the new Apple M1 MacBook Pro you better sit down. iStore has announced the pricing for the new notebooks and they carry a hefty price tag. For those looking for the best of the best in the range, you could see yourself paying up to R64,000 for the top tier model. You also won’t get a new M1 MacBook Pro under R35,000.

iStore is currently taking pre-orders for both the 14-inch and 16-inch models that come in either 512GB or 1TB of storage. You can also choose between an M1 Pro or M1 Pro Max chip on the 16-inch. Unfortunately, the 14-inch models don’t come with an M1 Pro Max option.

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Take a look at the full pricing down below. Keep in mind that users can also choose to purchase these devices using the various payment methods iStore has on offer. This includes trading in other Apple devices or credit card payments. iStore starts shipping these devices on 5 November.

M1 MacBook Pro South African Pricing

  • M1 MacBook Pro 14-inch
    • 8-Core CPU / 14-Core GPU / 512GB SSD –  R36.299
    • 10-Core CPU / 16-Core GPU / 1TB SSD – R45.399
  • M1 MacBook Pro 16-inch
    • Apple M1 Pro / 512GB SSD – R45.399
    • Apple M1 Pro / 1TB SSD – R48.999
    • Apple M1 Pro Max / 1TB SSD – R63.499

The new M1 MacBook Pros boast Apple’s biggest leap in the notebook range to date. This includes a mini-LED display, incredible battery life and of course, the M1 Pro chips.

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