South African Box Office Top 10 – John Wick 3 Drops Off After Thirteen Weeks
John Wick 4
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It took thirteen weeks but John Wick 3 has officially been kicked off the South African box office top 10 as two new releases landed quite high in the charts this past weekend. Both Art of Racing in the Rain, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark released on Friday and did quite well over the weekend both making half a million Rands during its debut weekend.

The Lion King is still holding onto its top spot on the South African box office and we doubt it will be knocked off anytime soon, not without a major release coming along. Perhaps It: Chapter Two? Speaking of which, we have an awesome hamper for It: Chapter Two to give away so make sure you enter.

SpotMovieWeeks On Chart
1The Lion King4
2Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw2
3Spider-Man: Far From Home6
4Art of Racing in the RainNEW
5Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkNEW
6Secret Life of Pets 27
7Toy Story 48
10Terra Willy2

As for the current box office revenues. The Lion King keeps on raking in the cash making another R20 million in the past week alone. As for the new Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, it is not doing as great as its predecessors only picking up another R10 million since its debut weekend.

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The film is still holding onto its second spot right under The Lion King. Annebelle Comes Home has also been booted off the chart after only six weeks making it last half the time of John Wick 3.

Box Office
1The Lion King86,443,326
3Spider-Man: Far From Home32,376,459
4Toy Story 422,729,128
5Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw21,823,211
6Secret Life of Pets 215,856,812
8Terra Willy614,431
9Art of Racing in the Rain528,443
10Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark489,352

It will be interesting to see how The Lion King holds up in the coming weeks as other films release in the country.






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