South African Creator Making Waves With Custom Monster Hunter Switch Console

"If only Nintendo put in this much effort"

DrKelga Kelga Creations Custom Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch
South African Creator Making Waves With Custom Monster Hunter Switch Console

Often when companies like Nintendo release limited edition consoles and hardware, the designs are pretty basic. Sure, you get a “unique” decal on say the dock but most of the time the designers cheap out on making something truly “wow”. Thankfully, there’s nothing stopping gamers from making their own custom Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch consoles and local creator and designer Kelga Creations created a masterpiece when he decided to paint his own Switch.

Kelga Creations (also known as Jeffrey Lu and a friend of mine) posted his creation on Reddit where it completely blew up. The post is sitting on 12.4k upvotes with dozens of awards and hundreds of comments. There’s a reason for this. His custom Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch is the stuff of dreams and Kelga Creations did a phenomenal job crafting a truly one-of-a-kind console.


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But seeing a creation in a photo and witnessing how it was made are two very different things and Kelga Creations even put a video together showing off the design process of his custom Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch. The video goes into detail on how the stencil was hand-drawn, the console was disassembled and how he carefully airbrushed the sanded-down Joy-Cons.

I painted my Switch Monster Hunter themed from r/NintendoSwitch

What I love about this project is that everything seems to “belong” as a bundle. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller face looks fantastic and even better when coupled up with the Joy-Cons. Speaking of which, the Joy-Cons also slide into the holder and perfectly align with the decal in the centre. The dock and the Switch console itself are also wonderfully crafted with a blue background and a gorgeous custom Monster Hunter decal.

Dr_Kelga Kelga Creations Custom Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch

Kelga Creations explains in the video description the tools he used to make the custom Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch console. This includes GPaint, other branded paints and tools. It is a joy to watch especially if you appreciate craft videos and polished video productions.

Anyway, I won’t keep you any longer. Make sure you check out the video down below and follow Kelga Creations on Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube channel to see what else he may just create next. We are pretty proud of this South African creator and the project he worked on.

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