Paying R900 a month to watch TV seems to be a thing of the past in South Africa as more and more South Africans are cancelling their expensive DStv subscription in favour of Netflix. MyBroadband conducted a survey of 1,867 South Africans and the results come as no surprise at all.

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Around 80% of respondents confirmed that they have a Netflix subscription. 70% of those also confirmed that they do not subscribe to DSTv while the other 30% confirmed they do. Half of the respondents that completed the survey claimed to have cancelled their DStv account after subscribing to Netflix.

The survey also revealed some interesting information in regards to which DStv package is the most popular. According to the results, the high-end, most expensive DStv Premium is still the king here with 58% of respondents with DStv said to be subscribed to the top-of-the-range subscription model. “Compact” is the second most popular at 17%.

But the trend is not just here in South Africa. In the US, TV service providers suffer cancellations every day. In 2018, the television industry suffered its worst subscriber loss in U.S history with more than 1 million subscribers jumping ship to streaming services in the fourth quarter alone. This number almost doubled from the previous year.

In South Africa, we will see these cancellations increase due to two major factors. The first being the growth of internet infrastructure and the decrease in data prices which will make the internet more accessible to the lower class. The second being the financial state of the country. R900 is a lot of money to ask  South Africans pay to watch TV when Netflix and other streaming services offer cheaper packages.

Do you still have a DStv subscription? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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