Southern Barbarians, SA’s Overwatch Team Invited to 2019 World Cup – Here is How You Can Help
Southern Barbarians
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The Southern Barbarians is the new official South African Overwatch Team and for the first time ever, SA will be represented at the upcoming Overwatch World Cup. The tournament takes place in Los Angeles at Blizzcon during October and November.

RELATEDHelp South Africa Compete in The 2019 Overwatch World Cup

The Overwatch World Cup is one of the biggest esports tournaments of the year that sees multiple countries compete for the crown. More than 3.8 million people tuned in to watch the 2018 World Cup alone and the 2019 tournament will no doubt be even bigger.

Seven local players make up the South African Overwatch team

  • Jordan “Twenty” Bouagh
  • Joshua “AshBro” Luttich
  • Ruan “Senticall” Potgieter
  • Jean-Luc “LikeALuke” Linssen 
  • Wayne “Visions” Short
  • Brandon “Squishy” Leonard
  • Jeandre “ShapeShifter” Sadie

But here’s the catch. While the team has been invited to compete in this year’s World Cup, it costs a lot of money. Blizzard pays for the flights and accommodation for the top 10 teams but SA was unable to compete in past tournaments to get a ranking.

This means the SA team will need to cover their own trip expenses in order to get to the tournament and represent the country.

How Can You help? 

Everything but flights and accommodation can be covered by the players and the organization which means the team are looking for funds to help make this opportunity a reality. The team has up a BackaBuddy page where you can donate anything to help for the expenses of the trip.

Any donations can make this dream a possibility for our local team and it could be the start of something great for South African esports on a bigger scale outside our borders.

Samantha Wright, the team’s General Manager said as of Monday, 26 August the team only needed R50,000 to hit their minimum goal.






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