Spider-Man Might Be a PS4 Exclusive Character in Marvel’s Avengers – Rumour
Marvels Avengers Spider Man PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Save transfer
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Marvel’s Avengers looks great. From the two previous War Table reveal streams hosted so far, we can’t wait to get our hands on the game and the beta starting this weekend. We know Crystal Dynamics plans on launching multiple characters for the game. This includes the recently announced Hawkeye and more to come after launch. It seems that Spider-Man may arrive in Marvel’s Avengers too and when he does, only PS4 owners can play as the web-swinging hero.

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According to a now-deleted retail listing for the game, Spider-Man is a PS4 exclusive playable character. The listing was spotted on the retailer “Base” store. The text has since been deleted. However, it read “play as Spider-Man exclusively on PS4.”

Now don’t get your hopes up just yet. This could be a mistake or simply worded wrong. Perhaps Spider-Man is indeed coming to Marvel’s Avengers but there’s an exclusive skin for him on PS4? Reddit users also guess that the character may be a timed-exclusive on the platform. Perhaps there’s no Spider-Man at all in Marvel’s Avengers? We doubt that.

We also need to look at the track record of character. Sony did release Marvel’s Spider-Man as a PS4 exclusive. In addition, the company does own the movie rights to the character. However, Sony does not own the video game rights so making Spider-Man a PS4 exclusive in Marvel’s Avengers is not up to them. Unless they pay some big bucks for an agreement between Marvel and Square Enix.

Sony also has an early access BETA for the game. This could mean PS4 may indeed have some sort of exclusive agreement with Marvel and Square Enix surrounding more content in the future. Until this is confirmed, take it with a pinch of salt.

Make sure to catch up on the Marvel’s Avengers news including the beta dates here and the initial gameplay showcase here.






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