Spider-Man: Miles Morales Features an Ass-Kicking Spider-Cat Sidekick

Marvels SpiderMan Miles Morales PS5
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Features an Ass-Kicking Spider-Cat Sidekick

Miles Morales won’t be fighting crime alone in the upcoming PS4 and PS5 Marvel’s Spider-Man game. It seems he has a pet companion that snuggles away into his backpack and leaps out to destroy his enemies one by one. This sidekick is none other than Spider-Cat, the cutest hairball in gaming.


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In new gameplay footage of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles is seen swinging his way towards a bodega (a small convenience store) to stop a robbery. Given that the game is set in New York City, these little stores all have cats. Well, most of them anyway. Miles then discovers that the store’s cat was stolen during the robbery and he gets it back after punching and kicking some ass. Honestly, if you steal a cat you deserve it.

Upon completing the mission, Miles unlock a special Spider-Cat costume which has a cool hoodie and backpack. However, the real magic here is that backpack holds Spider-Cat, a new feline crime-fighting companion. Spider-Cat hides away in the backpack and when the time is right, leaps out and scratches his enemies while reminiscing about the robbery that has scarred him for life and turned him into a superhero.

The whole suit is pretty awesome and just goes to show we are in for quite an experience when the game launches on 12 November 2020. You can catch up on the gameplay video down below or just watch the cat kicking ass below it. Be sure to take a look at all the latest screenshots here.

What do you make of this new cat news? Let us know down in the comments section.

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