Earlier this morning Square Enix hosted its special 35th Anniversary Dragon Quest stream and the event was packed with many awesome announcements. However, while the HD remaster of Dragon Quest III is great and an update on Dragon Quest X’s offline play is cool, the biggest reveal from the day is without a doubt the next instalment in the series. Square Enix finally lifted the lid on the next chapter in the universe, Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate.

The teaser trailer does not have a lot to go on other than a flashy logo reveal and lots of fire blasting across the ground. However, series creator Yuji Horii hinted at some changes coming to the game including a shift away from the traditional turn-based combat as well as a simultaneous worldwide release.

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Horii says that Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate will include a focus on player choice that will make it stand out from Dragon Quest XI’s linear storyline. The battle system will also focus on a more action RPG approach than the traditional turn-based combat. He says that while the studio is not getting rid of commands, the combat system is going to offer an interesting take on the series. By the sound of things, the game might adopt a Final Fantasy VII: Remake combat system.

There’s also talk about a possible current-gen release only. However, that is still unconfirmed. Keep in mind that we won’t see Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate release anytime soon so there’s a good chance Square Enix is dropping PS4 and Xbox One support for the game.

The Dragon Quest series has become increasingly popular over recent years. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (one of the greatest RPGs ever made) released back in 2017 for PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. The game then hit Xbox and PC as a special Definitive Edition in 2019. It went on selling 6 million copies during its release.

Alongside Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate, Square Enix also announced Dragon Quest Treasures – a treasure-hunting RPG based on the characters from Dragon Quest XI. There’s also Dragon Quest III HD Remake that is adopting the studio’s Octopath Traveler art style.

Square Enix announced a massive expansion coming to Dragon Quest X, the Japan-only MMO. However, there’s also an offline version of the MMO coming out that won’t need an internet connection. Last, and probably least, Dragon Quest Keshikeshi, a mobile puzzle game. Take a look at the trailers down below.

Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate

Dragon Quest Treasure Hunters

Dragon Quest Keshikeshi

Dragon Quest X MMO expansion

Dragon Quest X Offline MMO

Source: YouTube

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