Square Enix Announces Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game “Project Xehanort”
Kingdom Hearts PC Epic Games Store 3 Mobile Project Xehanort critical mode
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The Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC is releasing today and with it comes a load of new features and gameplay changes to the original game. For everything you need to know about the DLC, check out our full guide to the new features and changes here. Square Enix has announced a new Kingdom Hearts mobile game which will showcase the origins of Master Xehanort. The game currently in development and referred to as “Project Xehanort” be based on the Seeker of Darkness saga.

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Square Enix kicked off the Kingdom Hearts celebrations with a social media campaign titled “Guess the Name” where fans of the series can guess and speculate what the mobile game’s name might be. The developers will hand out prizes to the 10 people with the best titles but they will not be taking the name from the winners of the competition. Instead, this is just to get the world talking about the mobile game and not an attempt to get people to actually name the project for them.

The campaign runs for a week up until 28 January 2020 and entry is simple. All you need to do is follow the new mobile game’s Twitter account @ProjectXehanort and tweet them with your best guess as to what you think the title may be. Make sure you use the #KHNameContest hashtag to make your entry valid.

As for the mobile game itself, very little is known about it up to this point. We only know it will be releasing later this year for iOS, Android and Amazon mobile devices. We don’t know what the gameplay might be like or whether or not it will follow on the traditional pay-to-win mobile gaming path. If Square Enix’s past mobile games are anything to go on, it just may be the case.






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