Square Enix Files Trademark For “Engage Kill” and Capcom Files “Shu”

"Two new unannounced projects"

Square Enix Engage Kill
Square Enix Files Trademark For “Engage Kill” and Capcom Files “Shu”

Japanese publisher Square Enix has filed a trademark for a new project they are calling “Engage Kill“. The Trademark was originally filed back on 18 November but was only made public on 6 December.

At the moment, this Engage Kill project is a complete mystery so it could be anything. Looking at Square Enix as a whole, we can predict it might be the next chapter in the Final Fantasy VII Remake game, a whole new IP or even a mobile game. The company has its arms stretched in so many directions that a trademark listing is hard to predict.

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We want to believe that this new project is tied into the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Perhaps it will be used as a subtitle for the game? We know that Square Enix is currently developing the second part of the remake so if an announcement is coming then they would have had to file the trademark in time for it.

Speaking of filing trademarks, it was also revealed that Capcom recently filed a trademark for a project they are calling “Shu“. Shu means hunting so this unannounced project is most likely linked to the Monster Hunter series. It could either be related to the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion or perhaps something even greater like Monser Hunter World 2?

With The Game Awards taking place this week, perhaps we will see one of these games at the show? The awards are expected to host 40-50 games which include updates from announced titles, new reveals and more. You can tune into The Game Awards this week from 4:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm ET / 02:30 CAT (10 Dec).

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Source: Chizai-watch

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