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Square Enix is ‘Considering’ Remastering More Old Games

Following the success of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster which launched on PS4 and Nintendo Switch earlier this year, publisher Square Enix is now “considering” remastering more old games from its library. The company’s list of past titles are vast with plenty of IPs that still haven’t been remastered for modern hardware yet. Thanks to some feedback from shareholders, Square Enix may see this as an opportunity to broaden its list of potential remasters.

Speaking during a recent shareholders Q&A, Square Enix’s board was asked about its potential plans to release more remasters after Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, which bundles the first six Final Fantasy games in one overhauled package, proved to be a critical and financial success. One shareholder, in particular, asked, “Are there plans to remaster other past titles? Personally, I would like to play Xenogears.”

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“We will refrain from sharing information about new titles, but we are considering various ideas within the company and hope that you will look forward to forthcoming announcements,” said Square Enix in response.

In addition to the remasters, Square Enix was also asked about its lengthy game development times which have increased over the past few years. The company replied:

“I will refrain from speaking in specifics, but I will say that we believe that the strengthening of our internal development organization will be of benefit as the difficulty of developing major titles is becoming extremely high, which also has implications for development lead times. We hope that this reinforcement of our organization will promote the development not only of major titles but also new IPs under the new management team.”

Square Enix recently released the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI to glowing reviews and commercial success, managing to sell over 3 million copies in its first week. You can read our full review of Final Fantasy XVI right here.

Meanwhile, the company’s next major launch, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is scheduled to arrive in early 2024 exclusively for PS5.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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  • Nikki_boagreis 15 July 2023

    I would be happy if they remaster Xenogears, i’ve waited ages for a remaster.

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