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Square Enix Reveals Where Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will End

Square Enix recently dropped a new trailer and release date for its highly anticipated upcoming RPG, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, during last night’s PlayStation State of Play event, giving us a glimpse at plenty of new features, characters, gameplay, locations and more. However, since it was announced that the Final Fantasy VII remake project would encompass a trilogy, fans wondered where the second part might conclude. The publisher has now revealed where Rebirth will end in the story.

A recent PlayStation Blog post featured a roundtable discussion with several key leads of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth including creative director Tetsuya Nomura, director Naoki Hamaguchi, producer Yoshinori Kitase, and music supervisor Keiji Kawamori. The conversation revealed that Rebirth‘s story will end with the infamous events of The Forgotten Capital.

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When asked about Rebirth’s ending point, Nomura stated:

“We have mentioned this a few times before, but the order in which you can explore the locations is not the same as the original Final Fantasy VII, and there are some shifts in the order. For example, Wutai, one of the major locations, is not part of the route in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and will be visited in the next one. Although there are some changes in the order of the locations, the locations depicted in this title extend up to The Forgotten Capital, where the greatest fate of Final Fantasy VII awaits you.”

We’ll be discussing major spoilers for the events of the original Final Fantasy VII from here going forward, though as most Remake fans already know, events can potentially play out in a completely different way.

The Forgotten Capital is an interesting point in the story to conclude as it marks the iconic death of Aerith at the hands (or sword) of Sephiroth, at least in the original game. The story takes a decidedly dark turn after this as Cloud wrestles with the guilt of losing Aerith as well as coping with his past – which was all revealed to be a farce; implanted memories from the deceased SOLDIER Zack Fair that aren’t his own.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was a faithful adaptation of the original game up until the last few chapters where the story veered off in a different direction thanks to multiverse shenanigans that we aren’t quite sure how to process yet. It’s possible that history could literally re-write itself and we may end up with a different outcome for Aerith’s fate in Rebirth, so we’ll just have to see how the events play out.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launchs on 29 February 2024 for PS5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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