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Square Enix Will Release Final Fantasy NFTs

Square Enix will release Final Fantasy NFTs thanks to their new partnership with NFT ecosystem Enjin which will release in 2023. The partnership will see Enjin releasing a digital collection of cards that celebrate Final Fantasy 7 on the cross-chain network Efinity.

One confirmed NFT will be a digital version of an action figure that is available to pre-order and players who opt for the deluxe version of the figure will receive a code to redeem the NFT. There will also be a physical collection of Final Fantasy 7 cards that will be available for pre-order later this year with which the NFT collection will tie into.

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Enjin claims that it is “a destination for eco-conscious blockchain” that builds “environmentally-friendly solutions for building decentralised gaming products”. Whatever that means. Enjin executive Witek Radomski states that this “marks a coming-0f-age phase” for NFTs and other digital assets.

“This partnership marks a coming-of-age phase for digital assets and entertainment; Square Enix, an esteemed developer with iconic intellectual property, is paving the way for the industry

By using Efinity, fans can experience interactive NFTs without even realising they’re on the blockchain. Enjin can establish the next phase of growth in blockchain entertainment, merging curiosity and creativity.”

Square Enix expressed their interest in incorporating NFTs into their games with a huge focus of theirs directed at “story-driven NFTs” in their games – again, whatever that means. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has doubled down on NFT incorporation into the publisher’s titles, hoping that they become a “major trend” in gaming.

Square Enix also recently sold off its major Western IPs to fund their expansion into NFTs, blockchain and AI with the Embracer Group picking up the property rights, and development houses, for Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, and Legacy of Kain amongst others.

Ubisoft was one of the first companies to discuss NFT incorporation into their games with the release of Ubisoft Quartz. Despite the backlash to this announcement, Ubisoft doubled down on its blockchain investment claiming that “players just don’t get it”.

Ironically, after all the positive endorsements about how blockchain is the future of gaming, the NFT market completely crashed by over 92% recently due to a loss of interest in NFTs which was compounded by the cryptocurrency crash earlier this month.

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