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Square Enix’s Symbiogenesis NFT Game Gets Vague First Teaser

Square Enix is still pushing ahead with its upcoming NFT game, Symbiogenesis, after it was revealed that it had nothing to do with Parasite Eve to everyone’s dismay. The company has now released a vague first teaser trailer showing off the game’s world in some concept art. We now have some interesting information about Symbiogenesis and how non-fungible tokens tie into the experience. The game will also apparently feature 10,000 NFT items.

As reported by GamesHub, Symbiogenesis will primarily revolve around an expansive library of NFTs but players can choose to play the entire game without ever needing to purchase them. However, in-game purchases will still have “utility for those who hold the NFT collectible art.” Players who own unique Character NFTs will be able to read stories, gain rank experience points easily, create a replica of their character and gain additional NFT art once missions are cleared.

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While you do have to option to avoid buying NFTs, apparently some story elements will be withheld from you if you don’t purchase anything which will impact the overall gameplay experience. Naturally, fans are quite upset about this. Symbiogenesis sounds like it’s being promoted as a (somewhat) traditional game that won’t really require NFT purchases but you’ll be penalised and have story content withheld from you if you don’t buy them.

It’s hard to be optimistic about Symbiogenesis and all that it represents at this point. It’s very obviously designed as an NFT project with the sole intention of big buyouts. The vague teaser trailer does nothing to really inspire confidence in the project either, especially if Square Enix firmly believes the future of gaming features blockchain technology. Hopefully a full trailer will offer more details to address these concerns.

I guess if you’re really interested in Symbiogenesis and getting into the NFT trade, this might be the game for you. Most players would rather just wait for new Final Fantasy games.

Source: GamesHub

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