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Squid Game: The Challenge Participants Want to Sue Over On-Set Injuries

Squid Game: The Challenge, a new reality show based on the popular South Korean Netflix series Squid Game, has gotten off to a rocky start as participants are now threatening to sue the production company over multiple on-set injuries. The potential lawsuit is seeking compensation for pushing “the boundaries of safety in the name of entertainment.”

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the British personal injury firm Express Solicitors is planning on filing a lawsuit against Squid Game: The Challenge‘s production company Studio Lambert over injuries obtained by participants while they took part in the competition. Participants apparently “suffered injuries such as hypothermia and nerve damage as a result of poor health and safety standards on set.”

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Express Solicitors CEO Daniel Slade stated:

“We have sent letters of claim on behalf of contestants injured in this show. From what we’ve been told, they pushed the boundaries of safety in the name of entertainment. Production companies need to ensure that health and safety standards on their shows don’t leave people at risk of harm.”

Squid Game: The Challenge attempts to put a spin on the South Korean TV series in which 456 desparate contestants are put through a number of life-threatening game show-styled challenges and competitions in pursuit of a large sum of money. Of course, participants on The Challenge don’t actually die but the stakes are still pretty high as they compete for a total prize of $4.56 million, the largest single cash prize in game show history.

Anonymous participants on the show previously spoke to The Sun and recalled their time on the first game, “Red Light, Green Light”, which had hundreds of people standing for hours in freezing winter conditions. One participant said, “It was like a warzone. People were getting carried out by medics, but we couldn’t say anything. If you talk, then you’re out.”

A second season of Squid Game (the original show, not The Challenge) has already been greenlit, though no release date is set.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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