Squid Game Video Game Reportedly in Development

"Could be the start of a whole franchise"

Squid Game Netflix
Squid Game Video Game Reportedly in Development

The popular South Korean Netflix Show, Squid Game which has been so popular it has led to lawsuits with ISPs, will soon have its own themed game. According to well-sourced industry insider Tom Henderson, a specific Squid Game themed video game has kicked off development. However, Henderson has only heard of this information through the grapevine and cannot confirm which developer out there has started working on the game.

Keep in mind that Squid Game isn’t an original concept by any means. There are a load of games on the market that already use the show’s battle-royale-meets-mass-racer theme. Many of these games are more casual than serious. Take Fall Guys, for example. The cartoon style and kid-friendly approach is very different from the Netflix show’s darker tone.

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If someone were to create a battle royale mass racer with its own unique show ideas aimed at a mature audience, I think it would do incredibly well. Squid Game isn’t your average show either  You also need to remember that most of the time, trending entertainment often gets turned into cheaply-made mobile games so let’s hope that isn’t the case.

There’s a good chance we won’t see this Squid Game themed video game for some time but the idea of playing something inspired by the TV show sounds great on paper. Who knows, Netflix could have a new moneymaker on their hands as the show is already set to spawn multiple spinoffs and new seasons in the future. The streaming service is also working on its own gaming division so perhaps the Squid Game video game will be one of the first to come out of this.


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