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Squirrel With a Gun is a Game About a Squirrel With a Gun

Squirrels are known to have a rather unpredictable nature. The animal is especially feared by many due to their lack of self-expression. You don’t really know what a squirrel is thinking as it would stare at you with those giant eyes in the same way regardless of it feeling calm or wanting to tear your face apart with its claws. The general internet love of squirrel nature has now led to a game called ‘Squirrel With a Gun‘ where you run around as a squirrel and instead of collecting nuts, you have a gun and you shoot things.

The game comes from indie developer Daniel DeEntremont. By the look of things, Squirrel With a Gun is just your average simulator but the difference is that you are a squirrel and get to cause havoc in the neighbourhood armed with a life-sized gun.

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The game seemingly follows this squirrel as he tries to avoid some strange-looking agents with sunglasses who seem to be right out of The Matrix series. The squirrel can punch and kick but also shoot and even combine everything together in order to pull off cool-looking, gravity-defying combos.

Squirrel With a Gun also features some side quests that you can take on throughout the town to help residents with all sorts of tasks. There are also lava-filled houses…… While it seems to be the most random part of the game, you need to remember you are a squirrel with a gun.

Developer Daniel DeEntremont doesn’t have an exact release date yet for this strange game. His release date placeholder on the steam page sage “good question”. You can go ahead and wishlist the game in the time being if this is something you would enjoy. The trailer looks quite cool. Definitely, something to just mess around with.

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