STALKER 2 Devs Reportedly Moving to Czechia Due to Russian Invasion

"STALKER 2 has been delayed indefinitely"

STALKER 2 Devs Reportedly Moving to Czechia Due to Russian Invasion

STALKER 2 developers GSC Game World is reportedly moving its offices to Czechia (Czech Republic) amidst the ongoing Russian invasion. According to a Czechian media outlet called Vortex, the company, as well as the employees, are planning the move to the Czech Republic after being based in Kyiv in Ukraine since the studio opened its doors in 1995.

Sadly, Kyiv has been a focal point during the Russian invasion. GSC Game World has since put all development for STALKER 2 on hold for an indefinite amount of time as they focus on the safety of its employees and their families. The move to Czechia seems to be the smartest way to do this. However, getting there isn’t going to be an easy trip.

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At the moment, there’s also no concrete proof that GCS Game World is indeed moving to Czechia. While multiple reports claim that is the case,  the studio has yet to confirm the news. Moving countries will not only allow the team to continue working on STALKER 2 but also give them the opportunity to avoid any further damages that might come about due to the ongoing Russian invasion.

Even if the invasion were to end today, Ukraine will feel the ripples from this invasion for years to come which will affect all companies going forward. If GCS Game World were to leave the country now, it would give them room to hopefully avoid this. STALKER 2 was originally set to launch later this year. However, the game has since been delayed indefinitely.

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