STALKER 2 Officially Delayed as Dev Shares Developing During The War Diary

"A heartbreaking story"

STALKER 2 Officially Delayed as Dev Shares Developing During The War Diary

Developer GSC Game World shared an update on STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl during the Microsoft Extended Game Showcase last night. The developer confirmed that sadly, STALKER 2 has been delayed into 2023. The game was originally set to launch in December but due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the development was set back after GSC Game World was forced to leave the country.

GSC Game World shared the news that some of the studio’s employees have decided to take up arms and defend their country while a portion of the STALKER 2 development team has continued to work on the game in Kyiv. However, others have established an office in Prague where much of the game’s development will now take place.

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The dev diary showcase during the Extended Show is quite sad. It shows the destruction of Kyi near the GSC Game World offices and how some developers are forced to work in tiny areas and potentially dangerous conditions. It also shows others who are fighting Russian forces as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is truly a heartbreaking situation.

Outside of the ongoing war, the latest game trailer from STALKER 2 showcases the game’s intro. The opening cinematic gives us a glimpse of things to come as a team enters the Heart of Chornobyl to investigate a disturbance taking place in the area. The player is seemingly being taken into the are on the back of a truck before crashing. The next show shows him standing ready to take on the area ahead.

STALKER 2 is set to launch sometime in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S. It will be available at launch on Game Pass.

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