Star Citizen Surpasses $250 Million in Funding – That’s Over R3.6 Billion

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Star Citizen Surpasses $250 Million in Funding – That’s Over R3.6 Billion

From the mind of Chris Roberts and developed by Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen started development in 2011 and although there is still no official release date for the full game, the Star Citizen funding has now surpassed the $250 million mark. To put that into perspective, at the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate, that’s over R3,661,000,000, or over R3.6 billion…

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At a point, it didn’t look as if Star Citizen would reach the $250 million mark this year but thanks to CitizenCon that took place recently and all the hype surrounding the new stuff revealed, including a planet called microTech (named after the microTech corporation in the game) Star Citizen raised nearly $10 million in November 2019 alone.

At the time of writing, the total sits at $251,124,875 from 2,448,947 “Star Citizens” or backers. There has been some controversy surrounding the game and it is a pretty divisive topic, with some believing the game will never release in full and that it suffers from feature creep, while others are already playing some of the game’s modules and loving it.

Star Citizen is, by far, the biggest crowdfunding game ever, but it isn’t the game with the biggest budget. For example, GTA V took $265 million to make. Among other things, Cloud Imperium Games and Chris Roberts plans to debut a new 20v20 mode in its multiplayer FPS section called Theatres of War next year. There’s also a whole new solar system coming in 2020.

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Check out the 90-minute video from CitizenCon below were Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games showcases new gameplay and much more for the game, then tell us what you think about the massive Star Citizen funding milestone in the comment section below.

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