Star Wars AT-ST Spotted in Kingdom Heart IV Trailer

"A Star Wars universe in KH4?"

Kingdom Hearts IV
Star Wars AT-ST Spotted in Kingdom Heart IV Trailer

Ever since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasarts, Kingdom Hearts fans have always wondered whether or not the series will ever get a Star Wars crossover in the game. Disney and Square Enix have gone above and beyond to include a range of Disney IPs in previous Kingdom Hearts games including Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean and more. However, Star Wars has always been missing in action. That might change in the new Kingdom Hearts IV as fans have spotted a Star Wars mech in the recent announcement trailer.

Yesterday, Square Enix debuted Kingdom Hearts IV in a first-look trailer and if you have an eye for detail you might have seen a foot of an AT-ST. During the trailer, when the scene switches to the water and forest area, there is a very brief moment where a Star Wars mech can be seen walking through the water.

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While Square Enix originally edited this trailer to make it look like the forest area was part of the city that we see in the video, this scenery might actually be for an entirely different area completely. It might have been taken from a Star Wars planet that Sora, Donald and Goofy might get to explore in the upcoming game.

Check it out below.

Disney and Square Enix have yet to confirm the existence of Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts IV but this basically all we need to see. Kingdom Hearts IV is currently in development at Square Enix. The company did not announce any release window or platforms for the game as of yet. You can catch up on the announcement here or watch the cool reveal trailer below. The Star Wars mech can. be seen at 4:40.

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