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Star Wars Eclipse is Reportedly Inspired by The Last of Us

Quantic Dream, the studio behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, announced that they were working on a new Star Wars game called Star Wars Eclipse. Little else is known about the game other than its setting of The High Republic era, but now, a reputable leaker claims that it will take some inspiration from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us in some way.

Twitter user AccountNGT, who was previously responsible for leaking Star Wars Eclipse in the first place, provided some new details about the game’s development. According to the leaker, it will be an open-world action/adventure game with a focus on interactive storytelling.

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It’s claimed that the game only entered proper development in early 2021, and that the story is still being written. Quantic Dream Montreal is apparently the team behind the multiplayer and gameplay aspects, while Quantic Dream Paris is working on “cinematics, story and level art.”

The Montreal team is reportedly still working out some gameplay prototypes, and they’re lifting inspiration from The Last of Us, though it’s unknown how that will translate to the game yet. Quantic Dream is known for their interactive, branching narratives, so it’s likely we’ll see this come into play in Star Wars Eclipse too.

If development on Star Wars Eclipse only really began last year, then we’ll be waiting a while until its eventual release. This is also a major deviation from Quantic Dream’s more original IPs as they’re now tackling the expansive Star Wars universe. We haven’t really seen a game explore The High Republic era in detail yet, and could see several familiar Jedi at the heights of their powers.

Quantic Dream’s describes Star Wars Eclipse:

“Star Wars Eclipse is the first video game to be set in an uncharted region of the Outer Rim during The High Republic era, known as the golden age of the Jedi. The game will build upon Quantic Dream’s expertise in delivering deeply branching narratives and will go beyond their already established acclaim. Player’s choices will be at the heart of the experience, as every decision can have a dramatic impact on the course of the story.”

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in development.

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Source: AccountNGT

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