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Star Wars KOTOR Remake Reportedly Wasn’t ‘Cinematic’ Enough

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake is trapped in an odd predicament. Reports of development problems at former developer Aspyr have popped up frequently since its announcement with journalist and insider Jeff Grubb even stating that he doesn’t think it will ever come out. A new report seems to shed some light on the inner workings of the KOTOR remake’s development, with some problems arising from the fact that it wasn’t ‘cinematic’ enough.

The report originates from YouTube channel 100% Star Wars which claims to have knowledge from inside sources as Aspyr regarding the Star Wars KOTOR Remake. Before we proceed any further, it’s worth noting that the channel in question doesn’t have a solid reputation so it’s best to take all of the new information with a massive grain of salt.

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The report, allegedly sourcing its information from Aspyr developers, makes some wild claims. Apparently Lucasfilm loved the remake but Sony wasn’t happy with the product. The sources argued that they didn’t understand how Sony held so much power over the game’s development, reportedly telling the studio that it wasn’t ‘cinematic’ enough. The strangest claim was targeted at Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, who, according to Aspyr devs, had an agenda to make the company look bad.

The devs allegedly even blamed Schreier’s articles for being responsible for the studio switch, which moved the game’s development from Aspyr to Saber Interactive.

It’s easy to see why this report is hotly debated online as it makes some bold claims and accusations that, if true, would be pretty damning for all parties involved. Even if this report isn’t true, there are enough whispers to suggest that the KOTOR Remake is still facing some hefty development issues. The game failed to make an appearance at the recent PlayStation Showcase and it’s up in the air if it will ever see the light of day.

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