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Star Wars KOTOR Remake Trailer Privated and Tweets Deleted

Star Wars fans have noticed that Sony has privated the reveal trailer for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake and deleted several tweets mentioning the game, leading some to believe that a cancellation is imminent. The anticipated remake went through some rocky development problems since its announcement in 2021, including changing hands from Aspyr to Saber Interactive. It looks like Sony might be trying to hide KOTOR Remake‘s existence now for some reason.

First spotted by Reddit, fans noticed that Sony had privated the reveal trailer for Star Wars KOTOR Remake from the PlayStation September 2021 showcase. Upon further inspection, users also discovered that Sony began deleting several tweets mentioning the game, leaving only one video that promotes multiple games from the livestream. Naturally, many believe that the red flags are obvious as this could lead to the remake being outright cancelled soon, unless another reason is given for the sudden expunging of marketing.

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Parent publisher Embracer Group isn’t doing so well. The company recently revealed that it’s considering selling off Borderlands studio Gearbox Software amidst ongoing development issues and budget cuts at the publisher, so it wouldn’t be surprising that it had to pull the plug on the KOTOR Remake too. The behind-the-scenes troubles of KOTOR Remake‘s development is also well-documented, including staff fallouts and creative decisions that led to the original’s signature turn-based combat system potentially being scrapped in favour of real-time combat.

Another report from May this year claimed that Sony told former developer Aspyr that the game wasn’t ‘cinematic’ enough.

It’s unclear why Sony, which was intended to publish the remake as a PS5 console exclusive, is suddenly deleting all marketing and videos for KOTOR Remake but we should hear news soon regarding the move.

I’d like to tell you that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake is currently in development for PS5 and PC but honestly, we don’t know anymore.

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