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Star Wars: Shatterpoint is a New Miniature Figurine Game Now Out in South Africa

Calling all hobbyists, tabletop gamers and collectors, actually calling everyone who has ever been a Star Wars fan… Star Wars: Shatterpoint, a new tabletop game with loads of expansion sets, will ensure that the force is with you this May and well into the upcoming months.

Star Wars: Shatterpoint is a miniature figurine game that is sure to enthral both fans of the franchise and those who enjoy fast, strategic tabletop gameplay. Set against the backdrop of a galaxy in turmoil, the game takes players on an exhilarating journey filled with action and intrigue. It explores complexities and moral dilemmas, as players embark on missions.

But, where to begin? The Star Wars: Shatterpoint core set contains a squad of heroes, villains and allies ready to be assembled and painted, terrain for battlefields, cards, dice, movement tools and accessories. Once players get the hang of the game and are keen to explore more, extension sets can be added to this core set, creating new missions and predicaments to play out.

Star Wars Shatterpoint

Etienne van Heerden, spokesperson for Solarpop, says,

“Star Wars Shatterpoint is a great new game to discover. You assemble your own miniatures and paint them, which brings you closer to each character and makes play very engrossing. The game has its own unique features, it has good table presence and is an ideal game to play at home with friends and family, or by joining a group at a hobby store.”

Van Heerden explains that the core set is essentially a hobbyist game because a lot of love and attention is put into the miniatures. In the extension sets the miniatures are ready to play. “Numerous expansion sets have been unleashed, adding more intrigue and challenge to the game. The extension sets contain different characters from various Star Wars eras, which makes it hugely nostalgic and fun! What I enjoy about the game is that it’s a skirmish game, so it can be played a lot quicker than other miniature games – in an hour and a half, allowing you to get very immersed in the gameplay, but not too long that it becomes boring.”

Star Wars: Shatterpoint is one of the top-performing miniature games worldwide and is accumulating fans in South Africa too. The core and expansion game sets are available at hobby stores countrywide.

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