StarCraft 2 Personality iNcontrol Passes Away at The Age of 33
iNcontroL StarCraft 2
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It is with great sadness that I report on this devastating news today, as one of my favourite StarCraft 2 personalities, Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson, has passed away at the young age of 33. For those who don’t know, iNcontroL was a legend of the game, first a StarCraft pro player and then the Evil Geniuses team, but for me, his best work came from his casting in various esports tournaments.

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His knowledge of StarCraft 2 and his love for it was without question and I listened to him for hundreds of hours at least. In the early hours of the morning, iNcontroL’s Twitter account was updated with this devastating news, as he passed away over the weekend on Saturday. He was 33 years of age.

The update does not go into detail as to why he passed away, just that it was due to a sudden illness. Further, the update mentions that tohonourr iNcontroL or offer comfort to his family, it is suggested that fans who want to do something donate to SoCal Bulldog Rescue, a non-profit in Southern California, which Geoff loved dearly. You can read the two updates below.

The second update on iNcontroL’s Twitter account talks about Barristan, which is his bulldog in case you didn’t know.

Our sincere thoughts go out to his family in these most-difficult of times.

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Share your thoughts and favourite moments of iNcontroL’s gaming career and StarCraft 2 casting with us in the comment section below.






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