New Starfield Cities and Locations Revealed

"Three new locations revealed"

Starfield New Atlantis Akila Neon Cities and Locations
New Starfield Cities and Locations Revealed

Bethesda has revealed a handful of new Starfield details in a new trailer. While there is no gameplay to look at this time, this video touches on the various locations, planets and cities players can explore in the game through concept art. There are three separate videos in the collection narrated by director Emil Pagliarulo. Each video reveals a location including Akila, Neon and New Atlantis.

First off we have Akila. This location is described as the capital city of the Free Star Collective in Starfield. The Free Star Collective is a series of star systems that believe in personal freedom. Bethesda describes them as a “loose confederation”. The main city is protected by a massive wall and outside the walled city, there are deadly alien creatures that roam the lands called Ashta. These creatures are a splice between wolves and raptors.


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Neon is known as the “pleasure city” that was originally built for fishing by the Xenofresh corporation. However, after discovering a drug called Aurora, the city began to thrive and expand beyond its run-down fishing purpose. Aurora is only legal in Neon now and it draws in species from all over the galaxy. Aurora also comes from a specific fish but it is unclear how the people of Neon make this drug.

Lastly, there is New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies and a massive sprawling city thriving with life. The United Colonies is the most powerful political and military faction in the game and the city shows just how powerful it is. The city houses species from all over the galaxy and features a wide range of different aliens, beliefs and ethnicities. Bethesda says that in a way, New Atlantis reflects the future of our world.

Check out the short trailer down below to see the concept art in action. Starfield is set to launch on 11 November 2022 for PX and Xbox Series X/S.

Starfield New Atlantis

Starfield Neon

Starfield Akila

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