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Starfield and Redfall Development Reportedly in ‘Rough Shape’

Arkane Studios recently showcased a deep dive into its next game, Redfall, at the recent Xbox Developer Direct event. Bethesda Game Studios is also planning another event dedicated to Starfield in the near future. However, a new rumour claims that both games are currently in “rough shape” and need more time in development, though Microsoft is trying to rush both titles out to mitigate losses from its Azure cloud division.

The rumour originates from a user named Horns who accurately predicted Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush being announced with a shadow drop release hours before its official reveal. The user’s sources claim that Redfall‘s development is in a rough shape and may need more time in development. This could potentially lead to a delay despite the game having an official 2 May release date.

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The user added that Bethesda Game Studios is also being pressured to release Starfield in June 2023 in an attempt to recoup fiscal year earnings. This more or less aligns with an earlier report from MrMattyPlays who has been privy to insider information in the past, which stated that Starfield is targeting a release sometime between June and August this year.

If Starfield does launch in June, it will go up against Final Fantasy XVI, a highly anticipated PlayStation RPG also launching that month, not to mention both Diablo 4 and Street Fighter 6 also releasing in the month as well. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, as Starfield is among one of the most anticipated game releases of the year next to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Its day one release on Xbox Game Pass is also sure to attract a lot of attention.

Horns goes on to state that Bethesda is asking Microsoft for more time to develop Starfield. If Bethesda succeeds, then we’ll likely see the sci-fi RPG release at a later stage in 2023. If not, then we’ll have a June release date for a game that could potentially be in a rough state. The leaker also claims that Diablo 4 is in a similar position and that its June 6 release date is “questionable”.

If these reports are true then we might see several delays happen in the coming months. However, take all of this with a grain of salt until we know more official information.

Source: Game Revolution

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