Starfield Imagine Dragons Song Children of the Sky

Starfield Gets New Imagine Dragons Song ‘Children of the Sky’

Ahead of the launch of Starfield, the highly anticipated new sci-fi RPG from Skyrim developer Bethesda Game Studios, a new song from the popular band Imagine Dragons was released, largely inspired by the game as its unofficial theme song. The song is titled ‘Children of the Sky’ which was accompanied by a video showcasing some of the gorgeous otherworldly vistas of Starfield.

Microsoft and Bethesda are quickly ramping up the marketing for Starfield ahead of its release next week and it looks like they’ve enlisted the talents of the American pop rock band Imagine Dragons, which is no stranger to video games/related media as they also provided the song ‘Enemy’ for the opening credits of the Netflix League of Legends series, Arcane. The song ‘Children of the Sky’ was recently released along with new footage from Starfield that shows off the views of the game’s planets, cities and systems.

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As some fans have already pointed out, the title of the song is also a nice little reference to Skyrim. The native Nords of the Tamrielic province are often referred to as the Children of the Sky in the lore, though the Starfield song likely refers to adventurers who take to the skies and beyond.

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While Starfield will be available day one on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, Microsoft preemptively removed the cheap R15 trial option ahead of the game’s release to encourage players to sign up to the service’s full monthly or yearly prices. Judging by the overwhelming hype and anticipation for the game, that shouldn’t be a problem for many players who are eager to jump into Bethesda’s open universe sandbox.

Starfield launches on 6 September 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Reviews are scheduled to go live later tonight ahead of early access. Check out the new Imagine Dragons song below:

Source: Bethesda

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