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Starfield is Getting Official Mod Support Next Year

After previously stating that official mod support for Starfield will only be available after launch, Bethesda Game Studios has now confirmed that official mods will be coming to the sci-fi RPG sometime next year. Not to be confused with unofficial mods that appear on places like Nexus Mods, the official mods are approved by Bethesda and can be used across PC and Xbox directly from the game’s menu.

Speaking to the Japanese publication Famitsu in a recent interview, creative director Todd Howard confirmed that official mod support for Starfield will only arrive next year. While PC players can begin installing mods (like the ever-popular nude mods, naturally) via Nexus Mods and other PC-based modding sites, Bethesda has yet to implement official mods for Xbox Series X/S players to try out.

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A popular joke mod has been causing plenty of heated conversations online where one modder decided to replace Bethesda’s splash screen introduction of Starfield with the PlayStation Studios logo, seemingly poking fun at the bizarre discourse with Xbox players claiming that PlayStation fans were trying to boycott and review bomb the game. It’s a mess so if you’re interested in trying Starfield out, rather play it for yourself on Game Pass than take a look at the user scores which are all over the place.

Starfield launched last week to mostly positive reviews, apparently drawing in over one million concurrent players on launch day and attracting over six million players in total, making it one of the biggest launches in Bethesda’s history (even surpassing the player count of Fallout 4). A lot of that success can be attributed to Xbox Game Pass since many players were able to access the game on day one through Microsoft’s subscription service.

Starfield is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Famitsu

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