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Starfield Leaks Are All Over The Place Ahead of Release

Starfield has leaked almost everywhere already. From Reddit threads to Twitter posts to sponsored Instagram videos (yes, people are leaking gameplay videos and paying IG to share them as adverts) it is hard to ignore these leaks ahead of the game’s launch later this week (next week for standard edition owners).

It is nothing new for a game to leak but the Starfield leaks have taken things to a whole new level. So much of the game has leaked online that users have already compiled full datasheets of information regarding the game’s skills, planets, items, consumables, characters and quests. It is almost as if the game has already been out for months and the sense of discovery has vanished.

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Of course, exposing yourself to these leaks is completely optional. You can decide to search forums for gameplay videos. You will find hundreds of them. You can choose to download the documents containing all the game information. If you happen to stumble upon a sponsored Instagram video, just report it and move on.

Bethesda has tried to control these leaks but sadly, they haven’t done a great job. The publisher did send out hundreds of review codes to users who have also blatantly shared gameplay details online breaking their NDA as a result. That and the combination of the leaked retail game copies mean that Starfield’s gameplay is no longer a mystery and the internet floodgates have opened.

One particular leaker has been under the spotlight the past week after posting loads of gameplay screens and videos. Bethesda has managed to take them all down and as a result, he delisted his channel. However, his one-liner will go down in history. During one of his videos, he says “Todd, no offence, man that’s a good game”.

Starfield is releasing on 6 September. Early Access kicks off on 31 August, 8 hours after reviews drop.

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