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Starfield Main Quest Will Take Players Roughly 30-40 Hours, Todd Howard Confirms

Starfield was given a deeper look at the Xbox Bethesda Showcase on Sunday, with Todd Howard confirming many different aspects about the game, including the fact that it will have over 1000 planets to explore and will feature first-person dialogue with a voiceless protagonist. Now, Howard has also confirmed that the main storyline of Starfield will take players roughly 30-40 hours to complete.

The time mentioned by Howard makes Starfield around 20% longer than the main questline in previous Bethesda titles, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. The 30-40 years mentioned also only pertains to the main questline, so if you want to extend your time in the sci-fi RPG, you can take up the many side quests that will no doubt be on offer.

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The title recently dropped 15-minutes of gameplay exploring various aspects of the upcoming title, including exploration, space flight as well as customisation. Howard also confirmed that while Starfield will feature “more handmade content” than before, it will also feature procedurally generated content across the 1000 explorable planets – cue the hesitation.

“We’re also careful to let you know that’s what [that procedural content] is. So, if you look at space, you know there are a lot of ice balls in space, so that was one of our big design considerations on this game is, ‘What’s fun about an ice ball?’ And it’s OK sometimes if ice balls aren’t – it is what it is.

We’d rather have them and say yes to you, ‘Hey, you can land on this.’ Here are the resources, you can survey it, and then you can land and spend ten minutes there and be like, ‘OK, now I’m going to leave and go back to the other planet that has all this other content on it, and I’m going to follow this questline’.

So, we’re pretty careful about saying, ‘Here’s where the fun is, here’s this kind of content,’ but still say yes to the player and, ‘You want to go land on that weird planet, check it out, and build an outpost, and live your life there, and watch the sunset because you like the view of the moons there? Go for it.’ We love that stuff.”

Bethesda also recently delayed Starfield to 2023 with the developers stating that they were worried it would be the “next Cyberpunk if they didn’t.

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