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Starfield Mod Adds PlayStation Studios Splash Screen as a Joke

A new Starfield mod is causing quite a stir online. Bethesda’s latest sci-fi RPG is currently only available on Xbox Series X/S and PC but that hasn’t stopped some eager PlayStation players from “imagining” that the game is on PS5. A new mod uploaded to Nexus Mods essentially replaces the splash screen of the game where Bethesda’s logo usually is with the Marvel-like PlayStation Studios intro as a joke.

The mod (available right here) was created by Nexus Mods user Chachinito who originally made it as a joke but some took it quite seriously, calling it “copium” and all sorts of negative comments. Most didn’t even realise that it was a joke as it was uploaded in the “humour” and “just for fun” categories on Nexus Mods.

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PlayStation LifeStyle reached out to Chachinito for a comment, who stated:

“I just thought that seeing the PlayStation Studios splash screen on Starfield would be hilarious. I also didn’t expect the hate reactions of some comments on my mod. It was just for fun. I also uploaded a flashlight mod which replaces the flashlight to PS logo. I love PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch. In 2023, it’s no longer about being tied to one console or platform. Consoles and gaming PCs allow us to fully experience what these platforms offer to consumers.”

Some Bethesda fans who primarily play on PS5 are feeling the sting of missing out on Starfield, though the online discourse has been pretty wild and heated from both sides either strongly defending its exclusivity or bombing the game on Metacritic. Console “wars” are really ridiculous, though it still seems to be present in small pockets of the community as most have since accepted that gaming is allowed for everyone.

In other Starfield news, the game was recently beaten by a speedrunner in under 3 hours as the speedrunning community rallies together to try and set the fastest times for clearing the main campaign. As for other mods, the nude mods were among the first to arrive for Starfield (of course).

Starfield is now available for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s also currently available on Xbox Game Pass.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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