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Starfield Review Bombed ‘Again’ Over Paid Mods and DLC Content

Starfield is being review bombed again. Over the weekend, Microsoft debuted the official first look at the Starfield: Shattered Space DLC which is expected to launch in the coming months. During the announcement, Bethesda also confirmed that a free “prequel” quest to this DLC was now available in Starfield for all players to try.

This quest isn’t anything groundbreaking. Instead, it offers 5 minutes of lore to set things up for the DLC. Of course, the DLC is paid and locked behind an additional purchase of 1,000 credits. Fans aren’t happy about it. Many of them have taken to Steam reviews to complain about the monetisation in Starfield and how this paid DLC is only the start of things to come.

It gets worse. Alongside the free prequel quest came the added mods feature. This means players can now install so-called “official” mods in Starfield to improve the experience and even add new content. If you have played a Bethesda game, you would know that mods are a big deal. With enough of them, you can often experience an entirely different game.

While fans were excited to get into the mods and test them out, they discovered that many of the available mods need to be purchased with real money. Fans have complained that these mods should not be sold for real money. They say Bethesda is only using them as an attempt to get other developers to fix and improve their game.

Gamers accuse Bethesda of ignoring the real problems in Starfield and instead of hiring employees to improve the experience, they are profiting off these mods created by other people.

“Really? Another push for curated paid mods no one asked for? Are [Bethesda] this desperate for modders to fix [their] game on a budget instead of doing it yourself with developers on an actual payroll?”

So the paid DLC and paid mod support hasn’t gone down well with fans. One player has compared the current Starfield DLC and mod fiasco to Fallout 76. Keep in mind that Starfield is not a live-service game like Fallout. So fans believe this situation shouldn’t exist.

Source: Reddit / Steam

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