Starscourge Radahn is Now Harder to Beat in Elden Ring After Patch

"The boss fight has been fixed"

Starscourge Radahn Elden Ring
Starscourge Radahn is Now Harder to Beat in Elden Ring After Patch

Bandai Namco has buffed Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring. The publisher announced that a hotfix patch was released last night that tweaked the boss’ attacks after they unintentionally reduced them in the last patch. According to the patch notes, Starscourge Radahn’s attack power was significantly reduced due to a bug.

Bandai Namco didn’t share any specifics as to how much they increased his damage but they claim that the Elden Ring patch 1.03 has now fixed the fight.

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Starscourge Radahn is meant to be a tough fight in Elden Ring. If anything, he is one of the most iconic battles in the game. Sadly, some players claim that after the last update, the boss fight was too easy and many players complained about the lack of a challenge. FromSoftware was made aware of the issue and released the update in order to get Starscourge Radahn’s attack damage back to the way they intended.

I fought Starscourge Radahn before this latest buff so I am not entirely sure how drastic the changes have been. Players are also a bit upset about the patch. They claim that instead of focusing on the horrible performance issues that plague the game on PC, Bandai Namco is adjusting boss damage instead.

Elden Ring Patch 1.03

Notice of Update Distribution

We are distributing this new update to fix a bug in patch 1.03

Targeted Platform

PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / Steam

The item included in the latest update

  • Fixed a bug in the balance adjustment of the boss “Starscourge Radahn” in update 1.03, in which the power of some attacks was unintentionally reduced.

Source: Bandai Namco

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