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Steam Deck Battery Life Lasts Between 2-5 Hours

Valve is getting ready to launch their SteamOS powered handheld device, Steam Deck, next month, and it finally looks like we’re getting some new information. According to an anonymous developer who recently had hands-on time with the device, its battery life will last anywhere between 2-5 hours.

Speaking with Boiling Steam, the anonymous developer was able to share some new, brief details about what consumers can expect with the Steam Deck. The battery life will apparently last anywhere between 2-5 hours depending on the APU load, which is a major factor when playing more demanding games. Valve previously said that the Steam Deck will last 7-8 hours, so this is quite interesting.

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When pressed about how fast the load times are from the microSD card, the developer said it was “indistinguishable” from loading off the SSD, though no tests were carried out. They also added that mid-game resuming is still being worked on, meaning players won’t necessarily be able to resume a game at any point in time, having to exit and restart for now.

Finally, when asked how much better the Steam Deck feels when compared to the Nintendo Switch, another hugely popular handheld console, the developer said:

“It’s more comfortable to play for longer sessions, button placement is good. Being wider than the Switch helps with the Deck’s weight distribution and feeling of balance.”

Valve have yet to issue Steam Deck devices out for hands-on testing, so information and details about its capabilities are a bit scarce right now leading to its release next month. However, thanks to this anonymous developer’s comments about its battery life, it seems like the Steam Deck may serve better as a handheld device that remains plugged in or able to be charged quickly depending on the games you’re playing. It’s worth noting that the developer had access to a developer kit model of the device, so there’s a small chance it may vary in the final product.

Valve’s Steam Deck releases next month, though only in select regions for now.

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Source: Boiling Steam

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