Steam Library Redesign Now Available to Try in Open Beta

Steam library small view beta preview valve redesign open beta valve
Steam Library Redesign Now Available to Try in Open Beta

Earlier this month, we reported that Valve is working on a Steam Library redesign with a fresh, modern look for the digital distribution platform. The Steam Library redesign looks fantastic and brings new options for PC gamers to customize their experience. Now, Valve has released the Open Beta for the redesign and everyone can test it right now.

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With the Steam Library redesign comes new organizational and filtering options for PC gamers to dive into. It also displays recent updates to the games in your library. Speaking of the games, each game page now looks much better, with links to things like discussions and guides at the top of the page instead of along the side.

Valve is clearly still tinkering with the Steam Library redesign but functionality is good right now, not to mention that it just looks so much better than the old one. There’s also Steam events, friends activity, new shopping recommendations and more to delve into.

So how do you test out the new library and its functions? By following these simple steps below:

  • Launch Steam and head to settings
  • Under the accounts tab, select “Change” under the beta participation section
  • Under Beta Participation, select “Steam Beta Update” from the dropdown box
  • Close and open Steam again to receive the update if it doesn’t automatically install

Steam Library Redesign open beta Valve

Keep in mind that this is a beta so things might go wrong and you might run into some issues along the way, so proceed at your own risk.

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Will you be trying out the Open Beta of the Library redesign by Valve and what do you hope to see the developer add in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.

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