Steam Library Small Mode is Coming Back
Steam Library Small Mode is Coming Back
Steam Loyalty System Library small mode beta preview Valve

After the massive Steam library and UI overhaul from Valve last month, one thing that was missing was the Steam Library Small Mode view. Some might not miss this feature, but others who like Steam to not take up so much screen space have been a bit disappointed. Now, it seems that Valve is bringing back the Steam Library Small Mode and you can already use it if you participate in the beta preview program.

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The latest Steam beta preview version has been released and with it, the return of the Small Mode view. First, check out the changes and fixes deployed by Valve in this update. Note that normally, you will see this version become the full, live version a few weeks after beta preview testing.

  • Brought back Small Mode library view and updated to work with Steam Collections and the new Steam Library
  • Added a library setting to hide game icons in the Steam Library’s left column game list
  • Fixed download progress bar and status wrapping to a second line on game pages on smaller windows
  • Compressed game page links bar to one line on smaller Steam windows
  • Post-game summary, game review reminder and other dynamic content on game pages will now fill only one column on wider Steam windows
  • Fixed occasional crashes caused when uninstalling games
  • Fixed Steam client crash after exiting some AutoCloud-enabled games
  • Fixed a case where game icons would sometimes not properly be downloaded and used for the game’s desktop shortcut when installing a game. For previously installed games affected by the problem, validating game contents and recreating the shortcuts should fix the issue.

So how do you test it out right now? Follow these simple steps to get Steam Library Small Mode view back right now.

  • Launch Steam and head to settings
  • Under the accounts tab, select “Change” under the beta participation section
  • Under Beta Participation, select “Steam Beta Update” from the dropdown box
  • Close and open Steam again to receive the update if it doesn’t automatically install

Steam Library small mode view Valve Steam Beta Preview

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Did you miss the Steam Library Small Mode view and do you participate in the beta preview program from Valve? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | Steam Library Small Mode is Coming Back
Gaming | PC | Steam Library Small Mode is Coming Back






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