Steam is apparently working on a loyalty system that could potentially see users get rewarded in-game items and discounts. According to SteamDB developer Pavel Djundik, the Steam Loyalty system would feature points that can be redeemed for badge levels. In addition, users will be allowed to react to user reviews.

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Pavel reports that the new Steam Loyalty awards/rewards will work on a point system and a system to add reactions to user reviews. It also includes reward items, redeeming points for badge levels and possible game discounts.

Some of these reactions include “deep thoughts, heartwarming, hot take, poetry, helpful” and more. In conclusion, users will be able to post these reactions on user reviews to filter out the garbage some users post on the platform. The “helpful” and “not helpful” will come in handy quite often.

As for the discounts, we don’t know what the plan is there. However, it seems Steam will give users a discount on games depending on the loyalty ranking and badges they earn. How do you earn these? We don’t know yet but it could be through purchasing games, earning achievements or even posting helpful user reviews.

Valve has not revealed any of these new Steam Loyalty System features yet. However, the company plans on hosting a Steam game Festival in June where we may see the features announced. The event will also play host to a range of new game reveals for the months ahead.

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