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Stellar Blade Now Has 34 New Outfits – New Game Plus Adds Skills and Gear Expansion

Stellar Blade is out today and Shift Up has also released a new update for the game which focuses on its New Game Plus mode. Unlike traditional New Game Plus modes that simply let you replay the game a second time around with the same content, Stellar Blade’s second playthrough adds new outfits, skills and more challenges to the mix.

Shift Up shared details on this update so let’s break it down. First off, the Stellar Blade New Game Plus mode adds new outfits and accessories to the game for Eve. There are also new costumes for Adam, and Lily and skins for the Drone.

Eve has 34 new outfits to earn in New Game Plus. These outfits are obtainable throughout the game world after entering the mode. So you’ll need to look out for additional chests that have spawned across the game. Opening them will unlock these outfit blueprints which you’ll then need to craft at a camp site.

In addition to the outfits, New Game Plus in Stellar Blade also adds new upgrade features to the game. Throughout the second playthrough, players can boost their weapon damage level from 15 all the way up to 40. Body, Beta and the Tumbler have also been upgraded. For example, you’ll be able to carry up to 13 Tumblers in total. Of course, you’ll need to upgrade this gear by finding the materials.

Last, but not least, New Game Plus also unlocks new skills for Eve to use as she fights tougher enemies. There are 4 new Beta skill moves with 8 upgradable nodes in total. There’s also 5 new Drone skills. One Beta Skill, for example is called Infinite Pierce. This enhanced the Quadruplet attack with more power and stabs.

Shift Up says everything you do in the Stellar Blade New Game Plus mode contributes to the game’s ever-growing challenge. The studio says moe enemies are around to take on, they are in new spots and hidden bosses will test your strength.

Stellar Blade is available today only on PS5. In my review, I praised the game’s excellent combat and world despite being held back by its writing.

Read more about the New Game Plus content on the PlayStation Blog here.

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